Chamber Music – a poem by Adam Wyeth

Chamber Music


The one piece of music that churns my stomach

is Schubert’s Quintet in C.


Since my grandmother told me

this is what Nazi officers played full volume


to drown out the moans of millions of Jews

as they were led into those rooms.


No matter how stirring a pitch the violins reach,

or how plangently the rasping cellos sigh –


I see their gaunt naked forms fall like flies

in a poisonous fog, reduced to cow pat


lining the floors, then shit-shovelled into pits –

while the whole movement plays over and again


never reaching the end, like a scratched record

that keeps jumping back.


From Adam Wyeth’s forthcoming poetry collection, Silent Music.

Adam Wyeth will be launching his book with a wine reception on Saturday 19th February 2pm FREE event, all welcome.

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